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White Conus Seashell Nightlight with gift box

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  • Model: light cone shell nightlight w/gb
  • Shipping Weight: 0.6lbs
  • Manufactured by: Ocean

This Nightlight has a 'Regular' Bulb. If you would like to add an {extra} Regular Bulb, {extra} L.E.D. Bulb, or change your nightlight to a Dusk-To-Dawn version, the Options are at the Bottom of this page.

This white conus Seashell Nightlight is sometimes called light cone or just plain cone, and makes a beautiful nightlight. These cone shells have a variety of colors and patterns. More than 3,200 different species names have been assigned to the 'cone' snails to date. These shells vary in size, but sizes are fairly consistent in our nightlights. The shells are shaped similar to the geometric shape known as a cone, hence the name. The shell is many-whorled and in the form of an inverted cone. The top of the whorls that form the spire have protruding parts. The aperture is elongated and narrow. The horny operculum is very small. The outer lip is simple, thin and sharp and without a callus. The outer lip has a notched tip at the upper part. The columella is straight. The shells of cone snails are often brightly colored, and have interesting patterns, although in some species the color patterns may be partially or completely hidden under an opaque layer, similar to the white cone nightlight shells. We have other cone nightlights that have a transparent yellowish or brownish layer. As with all of our Seashell Nightlights, each shell is naturally formed and therefore each night light shell is unique. Each shell will have it's own characters and blemishes consistent to that particular species; THERE ARE NO TWO ALIKE; therefore the photographs and descriptions of each seashell nightlight are only representations of that nightlight, and does not necessarily look like the nightlight that you will receive, but usually they are fairly close to the pictures we use in the descriptions, and in some cases even more beautiful.

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